My 5 Year Journey to Better Looking Skin

I began struggling with my skin in 2013. I was standing in the restroom putting eyeliner on when I noticed how red and cracked my cheeks were. It was as if by acknowledging the redness that I also suddenly felt the intense heat. I did a quick body check and realized that aside from my... Continue Reading →

The History of Food

Food has always found its way into the center of my life. From the time I was a young child attempting to lick an ice cream cone that kept rolling off, to making quesadillas in college, food has been a major influencer in my life and later, my health. When I was young my choices... Continue Reading →

Light and Dark

For the first time in my life I am disgusted with myself. Standing in front of the full-length mirror of the mediocre hotel and condo, there is no denying it, no looking away. The last four months have not been kind to me. My once toned body has become soft and flabby. Deep skin folds,... Continue Reading →

Intestinal Troubles

Every day like clockwork, I’d quickly stride to the bathroom to empty the contents of my intestines in a rather undignified way. Each time I stepped foot into the bathroom I’d crouch down to see if there were feet under any of the stalls and then make my way to the last one in hopes... Continue Reading →

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