Talking to God and My Angels

For most of my life I believed there was a better way to pray, a better way to connect with God, and that more existed than what I was being taught at home and in church, but what did I know? I was only seven years old. I had not only been born recognizing that... Continue Reading →

My Spiritual Awakening

In 2007 I moved to Namchang, a small town in the province of South Korea. It was during this time when my spiritual awakening began. I kept a journal on my Mac and wrote daily. I wanted to remember all my experiences in this new country, especially since it was my first move overseas. During... Continue Reading →

Fear of Failing

To maintain consistency with blog posts, I am going to start posting on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday each week. You will know when to expect a new post and I will dutifully have them ready for you to read. I had been practicing yoga consistently for over a year and was in downward dog one... Continue Reading →

Things That Go Buzz in The Night

Dealing with crusty, flying things that go buzz in the night is where I draw the line. To read more about moving into my condo and my family of cockroaches, check out my article, Life Is About Trade-Offs. I had been living in my condo in Bangkok for a month and honestly believed that I... Continue Reading →

Life Is About Trade-offs

There are trade-offs when living and working in different countries. For example, when I moved to Bangkok, I traded clean air for black smoke guzzling out of tailpipes. I exchanged four seasons for tropical weather and sunny skies, clean streets for decaying food waste on street corners and small bugs for bigger ones. Every day... Continue Reading →

When You Gotta Go, You Gotta Go

For a long time, I wondered, “Where can I find a bathroom?” It is not a subject anyone wants to talk about and yet it is a fact of life. Over time I became obsessed with seeking out a ‘toilet’ as others called it, the word striking me as crass and uncomfortable as my intestines... Continue Reading →

Life Choices

Some little girls dream of the perfect wedding, others dream of finding the perfect partner. I dreamed of traveling to third-world countries and saving the world from itself, one laugh at a time. Before the Internet, I would pour over picture books of children traveling to different countries. When my mother purchased a set of... Continue Reading →


I met my soulmate in Bangkok. The first time I laid eyes on him I felt a distinct yet subtle fluttering in my heart. Having been in love twice before, I knew this was different. My first love was in college. It was equal parts lust and volatility. Over time it fizzled. Three years later... Continue Reading →

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